Chasing the Monsoon

Reeking of fermenting grass, displaced refugees from floods are marooned in a lightless middle school. Among them, Kaveri, a victim of the excesses of torrential rain, stands drenched. Water is crashing from the heavens with certain spontaneity, similar to the horde of travelers on any Indian railway station, rushing to go home. The water formed […]

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A long time ago, when our country was still in the post independence era, my super hero came into being. Yes, this is the story of all the superheroes, dedicated to all the mothers in and out of this world. It was the year 1970, she was born into a middle class family, she cried […]

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The world is believed to be in equilibrium, or most of us call it balance. The reality is it never is, it’s actually a place of resonating balance, a balance that shifts in seconds, minutes, days or centuries. So, is it right to say that our so called world is in balance, I guess not, […]

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An encounter with Death

Death is a challenge. It tells us not to waste time. It tells us to tell each other right now that we love each other. –Leo Buscaglia Not too long ago on a early June morning, the winter season had just kicked in, there was this crisp chill in the air. I was smiling looking […]

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Dear Diary

Dear diary, Something strange happened with me today. Something did not feel right. I did not feel right. I woke up to find my room messed up, distorted, disoriented; destroyed. My table was upside down with one leg broken. The books were on the floor, some were even torn and papers were everywhere. The ceiling […]

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I remember myself running around the park chasing my father. His hand stretched towards me, holding my favorite chocolate. I ran after him with delight. My heart brimmed with joy. My father knew my love for chocolates. It was his best way to show me how much he loved me, and how much he still […]

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Parallax Error

In a parallel universe, the moon rises and the sun sets, The Mountains are made of water and the sea of rocks. In a parallel universe, the sun is blue and the sky is yellow, The birds swim and the fish fly. In a parallel universe, I am you and you are me, You are […]

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Crimson Thoughts

Dawn and dusk with broken skies, That’s how crimson my thoughts are now, From blue to red, the sea and the skies, That’s how crimson my thoughts are now. When blades meet flesh, That gush of blood, That’s how crimson my thoughts are now, The cooked sand brick, when it sets, That’s how crimson my […]

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Think Far

Think Far, Far away from home, Far away from warmth, Far away from love, Far away from comfort, Think Far Think away from home, Think away from warmth, Think away from love, Think away from Comfort, Think Away Abeam that home, Think of Cold, Think of hate, Think of unrest, The Thoughts of yesterday, Thoughts […]

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The Sun takes longer To drown in the ocean When you are alone.   It elevates sharply To scorch me As I lay Unclothed   It belittles My thirsty neck, And darkens My already dark skin.   A paralysed soul On a melting stretcher I gulped my own tongue When I tried to speak.   […]

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