Dear Suicide


Don’t take this personally but I have some things I really need to tell you.

You are pain and suffering and all mean things that rush through neurones to absolutely and completely destroy every speck of hope. You move from trembles to tears in a dash and leave more tears behind than what I can fathom.

You betray the victim, exploit their weakness and you trample their hopes and smiles. You defame the lifeless cold body even as they lay dead in the wake of your storm. You are pathetically morbid and perfectly tragic.

I do not like you at all, you have stolen gems from the world and buried them in despair and pity. You munched on potential and spit out each person you killed as a loser and I don’t like that. They lost to you and not life, they lost their heartbeats because they were dead before you even came. You didn’t do anything dear.

You grin after reaping their souls, you grin because you think you won this battle. However, what you don’t know is that you too can be overcome by raging against your tyrannical nature. Depression is paralysing but suicide is preventable. I mourn all the almosts and what ifs.

I don’t like to say mean things but, you are a permanent response to a temporary problem and you are a solution to fundamentally nothing. One day suicide, you too shall tumble down. As there is nothing good or romantic about you, you are just a tragedy.

Yes suicide, you suck.

Best wishes,


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