Revolving in shuddering silence

Everything seems too far

My knees fold

Like a pile of old newspapers.


I look out the window

Hoping for love to look back at me.

Love didn’t come in cold gazes

Of strangers and eye candies.


The song that played over the radio

The way the skies pulsated

To compliment your dress

That was love.


Maybe it was when you smiled

Maybe it was when you cried

Maybe it was between the two

Maybe I think too much.


Isn’t everyone searching

For that electrifying connection

When walking in a crowded place?


Looking for that smile

Or that right shade of the eyes

that makes all the other colours fade away?

Maybe I looked away

Maybe you did.


Or are you… just waiting?

For someone to just whisper in your ears

That you are beautiful

And never say another word ever again?



what if




I guess.



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