To the Girl with the Hazel Eyes: Thanking you on a Closing Note.


I was ready to give it all up-everything. I was half out of my mind with love. And I didn’t think twice about what I was throwing into the fire, as long as I could keep it burning for just another minute-if only I was allowed to sit awhile longer beside its pale glow.

That was how I loved you in the end. With my Body cold and shuddering. With empty hands over the smoldering ash, counting out the minutes.

-Memories, Lang Leav


Thank You. Thank You so much, I could not have understood my worth had I not met you.
Thank You for the wonderful times, thank you for making me feel lost so that I could find myself, stronger than before. Thank you for pushing me to my limits, I know what I am capable of doing now. Thank you for this Journey, it has been a life changing experience.

Thank You for wasting my time, for now I know the worth of my time. Thank You so much.

I can’t thank you enough, but there has to be an end to it, I wish you the best in life and pray to god that you fight your demons well. I hope you find peace, I pray that you find love in the darkest corners of this planet.


You have served your purpose in my life for I shall always remember you as The Girl with the Hazel Eyes.


“How do you know it’s over?”

“It’s when you fall in love with the memories rather than the person standing in front of you.”

-Saksham Kapur, Moved on, on 20th July 2017. Period.


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