Dear Lost Love

Leaves fall

From the tree of life,

Every second

A tick

Every blink

A tock


Rough sands of time

Leap in the hour glass

Rolling away the days

In shiny wraps.

Every minute

A sunset.


Clouds move

In randomness as

Arbitrary wind

Carries the echoes

Of a frantic bell.

Do you hear it?


The farewell of childhood?

As the river of innocence

Flows in between

Your fingers

Creating a  ripple

That fails to partition the soul.


Redness of your cheeks

Has dissolved in salty waters.

Every moment a wave,

Crashing and retreating

Perhaps reaching out

To their memories of first love.


The moon hides its marks

By turning pale in lonely nights.

I search for you, my moon, my love

As you slip from memory

Like a teardrop

On the cheek of time.



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