Dear War

There is no art in you

There is nothing romantic about you

There is no peace to follow you

There is  nothing good about you

War is bloody red

Staining the chapters of history

Then at times

It’s grey and cold.

You know what you are

A blizzard that freezes

The mind of Gods

And humans alike.

You reduce lives

To numbers

And bullets

And the number of kills.

You are a Ferris wheel

That comes now and then

Looping every generation

And wiping them out.

You leave martyrs

You leave glory

You leave death and decay

You leave nothing.

You have ravaged

More than what can be said

You have caused

A flood of tears.

Humans who survive you

Atone for their sins

When you yourself,

Are beyond forgiveness.

You don’t survive long though,

You are like a great storm

That engulfs us in shadows

And leaves us blind only for so long.

You are then a regret

You don’t know who you are

You are the lifeless  body

Hanging on a tree,

As the sun sets

On humanity.



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