Gods of Love

Oh Aphrodite

Have I mistaken



Passion oozes

Skin grinds against skins

Breathing in the moist

Smell of holy union


Oh Cupid

Have I mistaken



My hands glide through her hair

Like black mares

Running in the dark

Oh the hair


Oh Venus

Have I mistaken



For faith



And lust?


Oh Eros

Have I mistaken



The Gods have spoken

They lay their wrath

On a mortal such as me

How dare I ask questions?


Squeamishly I stare down

At the Gods of love

They didn’t define it

Neither can I.


Don’t take my arms

Granted for skinny dipping

We don’t have to

Burn like embers to lay in ash


Do not undress

I saw you already

Changes I detest

From my dreams


You are perfect

From where I stand

You don’t have to come here

To break my heart


In my eyes you are

Shades of red

Now don’t come here

And spill your colours


My canvas is bursting

Into shapes and tinges

Of fancy admiration


Dare you lay siege

Upon my exalted projections

You needn’t speak

I have already loved the silence


The way your lips move

And eyes churn

Sets off wars

And turmoil in my chest.


You needn’t whisper in my ear

I thought you smelled like lavenders

Don’t lust for me

Your smiles can rage a fire for generations


Oh Aphrodite

Tell her to not show her stretch marks

Oh Cupid

Tell her to not touch me with her sandpaper hands

Oh Venus

Tell her to stay away

Oh Eros

Tell her, tell her


She needn’t take off her clothes for me to love her

I have fallen, I am falling

But for god’s sake

Let yourself be pious




Oh Lover

Have I mistaken






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