Days after goodbye 

Convulsions of lungs

For monotonous breathing

Seems unnecessary

At best

Blinking slowly.

Chewing skin at the

Torn ends of lips

That are drying

Not because they haven’t

Seen your lips.

But because I couldn’t

Bother to hydrate them.

I carress myself

These stains of Holi

Pink and red are

Almost permenant.

This distance

Is dulled by monotone.

Color it

Or rub it off.

You squeezed my hand that day

As if I am the only one

That could cave your palms

And warm them with few gentle rubs.

Everything is off by a few inches

The sun is too harsh

The wind too slow

The raindrops too thick

It stinks in the orchards

Leaves litter tidy streets

The canal beside your home

Is stagnant.

I am starting to believe

You corrupted Eden

The day you bit my fruit

And took a bite out of my heart.


Days have faded away

When will you?


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