My Kind of Universe

When we were little, we were told about the universe being a humongous space full of stars and planets. We watched cartoons where characters would roam around in space and visit every planet, meeting the natives of those planets, or “aliens” as they are popularly known. We had the names of every planet on our lips: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. Then we struck out Pluto for it was too small to be called a planet.

   We grew up and started talking about the Earth and the different galaxies in this massive universe, of which we have a simple picture: darkness, where satellites and asteroids float in zero gravity. From the Earth we could see the sky turn from black to orange to bright blue. In the evening as the sun would set, the orange and red shades would highlight the sky. Sometimes we would find a rainbow amidst the rain and the sunlight; perfect combination. We would wonder if that’s how it looked like for all the other planets. It was a beautiful feeling just to think of it.

   A few years go by with this thought in mind. Then, we encounter some people. We establish strong friendship, a relationship that goes beyond the relation of blood; we find people we can place our trust in; we find loyalty and give the same in return, and then, we find love. Some people find it after a few harsh blows; some find it in an instance.

   The definition of the universe never changes. Only our perception of it does. Some people find the universe outside the planet in which they live; some find this universe in a person. Souls roam around, finding the different shades in one another’s lives. We find the rainbow amidst the tears and laughter, the orange and red shades of courage and passion, and the darkness of sadness and regrets. We find the first rays of the sun beaming in our lives to make us believe that life truly is full of colours.

The universe we knew when we were little was fascinating. How we would feel was just our imagination. The universe I know now, resides in one person. What I feel now is the splitting image of my imagination. The only difference: it is real.


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