Dear Diary

Dear diary, Something strange happened with me today. Something did not feel right. I did not feel right. I woke up to find my room messed up, distorted, disoriented; destroyed. My table was upside down with one leg broken. The books were on the floor, some were even torn and papers were everywhere. The ceiling […]

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I remember myself running around the park chasing my father. His hand stretched towards me, holding my favorite chocolate. I ran after him with delight. My heart brimmed with joy. My father knew my love for chocolates. It was his best way to show me how much he loved me, and how much he still […]

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Words (04/08/2015)

i still remember that night when the boughs started breaking like promises and you slept on a pile of dried up leaves waiting to be raked by the uncertainty of another passing season.   now i didn’t know much about mowing a lawn but i learned that only grass had a kind of blade which […]

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A Mother’s Prayer:Remembered

Where there’s hope, there’s life. It fills us with fresh courage and makes us strong again. – Anne Frank Read Part I here – A Mother’s Prayer Read Part II here – A Mother’s Prayer: Unanswered All my emotions churned and made me feel uneasy as I finally reached Dehradun. I look outside the window […]

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A Mother’s Prayer

When I was young, I used to live in a small house with my parents and my brother in a town called Landour in India. It is a small town surrounded by hills. We had a traditional lifestyle and lived with very little requirements. I remember often playing the game of I-Spy with my brother. […]

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