Parallax Error

In a parallel universe, the moon rises and the sun sets, The Mountains are made of water and the sea of rocks. In a parallel universe, the sun is blue and the sky is yellow, The birds swim and the fish fly. In a parallel universe, I am you and you are me, You are […]

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I was a different man, a person who was probably blaming himself for everything, crashing relationships, it was like my soul was being ripped apart into pieces. It felt like my dark cold side was taking over, as if the only way to escape this trap was to let the dark side take over my […]

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Dear War

There is no art in you There is nothing romantic about you There is no peace to follow you There is  nothing good about you War is bloody red Staining the chapters of history Then at times It’s grey and cold. You know what you are A blizzard that freezes The mind of Gods And […]

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Dear Lost Love

Leaves fall From the tree of life, Every second A tick Every blink A tock   Rough sands of time Leap in the hour glass Rolling away the days In shiny wraps. Every minute A sunset.   Clouds move In randomness as Arbitrary wind Carries the echoes Of a frantic bell. Do you hear it? […]

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Dear Suicide

Hi Don’t take this personally but I have some things I really need to tell you. You are pain and suffering and all mean things that rush through neurones to absolutely and completely destroy every speck of hope. You move from trembles to tears in a dash and leave more tears behind than what I […]

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