Demon of Demonetisation

India lost its title as the fastest growing economy in the world when Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s decision to demonetise Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes put the country on a standstill, attracting both waves of appreciation as well as cries of disappointment. The decision was based on an idealistic vision to eradicate terrorism and […]

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Long Live the Revolution!

Why do we associate the word ‘revolution’ with the socialist or Marxist terminology? Does revolution only mean overthrowing those in power? Why does revolution mean taking up arms for your ideas? How is revolution different from evolution? Are our opinions communist if we seek to change? Appropriation of any ideology is toxic. Calling a supporter […]

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What After Power?

From time immemorial, people have been hungry for power, a feeling, a stature that puts one above everybody else. A person in power commands respect. Knowing that your opinion matters and is the only thing that matters and that one has the ability to make a difference, in its most basic sense, is what makes […]

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Post Truth

This era is being shaped by a term called ‘Post-Truth’. It is the word chosen by Oxford as the expression that has garnered the maximum attention over the past year or so. The word is so powerful that the campaign and success of Trump have been centred around the concept of post-truth. This means that […]

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Liberty on a double edged sword.

The Liberal Self What happens when you allow your thoughts and ideas to flow unopposed to the hum of your belief? what happens when you let words and opinions be just a reflection of subjectivity rather than a self claimed fact? What happens when you begin to think why you think in the way you […]

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