I woke up with an aftertaste of stars, on green fragrant grass. The aroma worked better than coffee. The view, better than the Scotland hilltops. I was too engulfed in the moment to care where I was, All I did was walk towards a strangely lit tower. Mysterious it was. Sometimes it seemed far away, […]

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Reality Check

We all are in a Labyrinth of Dreams, Half awake. Optimists and pessimists in a realist’s fairytale. Living in a soap bubble, Reflecting the colours of our surroundings. Open books with invisible walls. We all want to sit on top of a rainbow. Gazing at the moon, And fishing constellations. Broken down by our love […]

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Ying Yang

Opposites co-exist The key to understanding life may be through years of wisdom or a meditation at a Shaolin temple but what I have started to contemplate is the relationship between two opposing forces in one’s life/ Whether it be sadness and happiness or life and death. everything comes in two’s. For every day, every […]

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