Spring came too soon

The aromas rose And rode the wind North The warm winds Bloomed every flower.   Slowly dying yet The winds of winter Were still brewing Behind those bushes.   Dampness Was replaced By the sun At noon.   Your palms Were warm again And the chameli In your hair was infectious.   You ride the […]

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July and June

Don’t cut the lights Just take it slow We’re moving fast We’ve lost control But I feel safe with you Love is brave, but I’ve been scared I look around, see no one there And still feel close to you Because my life is like a bedroom door Don’t lead me in when you feel […]

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Demon of Demonetisation

India lost its title as the fastest growing economy in the world when Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s decision to demonetise Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes put the country on a standstill, attracting both waves of appreciation as well as cries of disappointment. The decision was based on an idealistic vision to eradicate terrorism and […]

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Its been 3 days  Living in my own head  Thinking whether  I have lived a minute  In yours.  Unloving you is hard  When you smell that good.  Its hard to learn  About love  From you because  You never loved me.  You, an ocean of tears  I, a sinking ship You wept   As I drowned.  I […]

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Relatively Cold

There was your touch Then there was the skin You fly down my arms Faster than fear. There was friction Before my fingers ran On your thighs Smearing pale art. There was your bite  Then there was pain.  Blushing my skin Like roses bleeding.  There was your shadow Then there was mine A ying yang […]

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Words (04/08/2015)

i still remember that night when the boughs started breaking like promises and you slept on a pile of dried up leaves waiting to be raked by the uncertainty of another passing season.   now i didn’t know much about mowing a lawn but i learned that only grass had a kind of blade which […]

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My Kind of Universe

When we were little, we were told about the universe being a humongous space full of stars and planets. We watched cartoons where characters would roam around in space and visit every planet, meeting the natives of those planets, or “aliens” as they are popularly known. We had the names of every planet on our […]

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“Him” The first time was blurry, The image of people lying beside me, My mother tells me, My eyes were glassy, I was too small, Memories and words spoken I cannot recall, But I must have sensed him, And he must have sensed me.   The second time is more recent, I was afraid and […]

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Days after goodbye 

Convulsions of lungs For monotonous breathing Seems unnecessary At best   Blinking slowly. Chewing skin at the Torn ends of lips That are drying   Not because they haven’t Seen your lips. But because I couldn’t Bother to hydrate them.   I carress myself These stains of Holi Pink and red are Almost permenant.   […]

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I was a different man, a person who was probably blaming himself for everything, crashing relationships, it was like my soul was being ripped apart into pieces. It felt like my dark cold side was taking over, as if the only way to escape this trap was to let the dark side take over my […]

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